About myself and my family

Xieng Hello my name is Xieng Yang. I was born in 1988. So I'm 21 years old and I'm a student at Xayadeth College. Now I live in Khoua Thi Neuang village, but my family live in Vieng Savanh village. It is my hometown. Viengsavanh is a small village in Pak Ou district, Luang Prabang province, Lao PDR. There is an agriculture school, a primary school and there is a river flowing through my village. It's comfortable to swim and go fishing and there is also a bridge across the river. There are about seventy houses in Viengsavanh village. It's clean, quiet and not polluted at all, but it's sometimes a bit noisy, because my house is near the road and Nam Xeuang River, so there are many cars, trucks and boats passing the house every day. The weather is quite hot in the after noon, but it's cold in the evening and foggy in the morning. I like it very much and I often visit my family when it's our school and my place work holiday.

Xieng There are nine people in my family. My father's name is Gerfong. He is 48 years old and he is a farmer. He works hard in the field every day. My mother is a vendor. She is 45 years old. Her name is Chong and she has a small shop in my house. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My brother's names are Mr. Bounpha, Mr. Ya Yang and Mr. Bounchan. My sisters' names are Miss Maly, Miss Mary and Miss Arina. Everyone is studying, none helps my parents and that's the problem of my parents nowadays.


My name is Xieng Yang. I'm Hmong and I'm from Khoua Thi Neuang village Luang Prabang province. I was born in Bang Viengsavanh village in 1988. I'm not married yet.
I stared to study at Viengsavanh primary school in September, 1995 and I studied there for five years. In 2000, I began to study at secondary school in Pak Xeuang village. In 2004 I moved to study at Santhipab High school for three years. I finished high school in 2007 and I got my certificate in July 20007.
In August 2007, I stared to work in the restaurant as a waiter and I was working for more than a year at Roots and Leaves restaurant. I liked my job very much and at the same time I learnt some basic English for I had to talk to the guests every day.
I started to study at Xayadeth College in September, 2007 and I am still studying there now. I'm majoring in English. While studying at Xayadeth College I have been working part time in the restaurant, so I could get some work experience.
I speak fluent Lao. English and Thai quite well and my native language is Hmong and I also can speak a little bit Japanese. I took a term computer course in 2008 and I'm a regular at the computer library in Luang Prabang. I can use the internet. In my free time I like playing the guitar, playing rattan ball and reading magazines or English books. In the future I would like to become a businessman.

These are the pictures of my family

Xiengs family in the field
Xieng in the field
This picture was taken in the field while they were growing rice
On the left is my house and on the right is the kitchen

Nice to meet you!
Thank you very much that you visit me and my family.

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